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*Pour tous autres services, les horaires varient selon le formateur et/ou le thérapeute.

92, rue St-Laurent, Saint-Eustache, J7P 1W8    450.413.2422

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​​Pilier Holistique des Basses-Laurentides

Shekinah Academy


Energetic Therapeutic Training

This branch is for all whom have the calling of becoming a holistic practioner in a specific field . The traing covers data (information), knowledge (assimilation), awareness (application) and compassion (respect) for all living matter. These courses have a time frame ranging from 300 to 500 hours.  All successfully completed courses receive a certification of comprehension. A diploma of recognition as a therapist in the relative field is obtained after successful completion of the entire relative curriculum.

Psycho Spiritual Classes

This branch relates more to personal growth, touching and opening the hidden, secret and interior facets of the self.  These teachings range between 20 to 40 hours, and a certificate of validation is obtained after completion of the class.

Interactive Workshops

The branches of the diverse workshops cover esoteric and energetic tools. These workshops cover a time frame between 3 to 15 hours, and a certificate of participation is obtained.

Academy Shekinah is recognized as an educational institution by the RITMA Association

This said, receipts for income purposes are available. 


The Shekinah Academy supports the daily reality of your experiences, whether the impact is positive or negative. Shekinah is the active manifestation of this inner presence. It opens the consciousness and anchors itself within ourselves. The human vision, being limited, hesitates to see and acknowledge the universal Divine Energy. Your personal divinity needs to reconnect with your human state through spiritual awareness. Human reasoning does not raise itself higher than abstract thinking, (realm of ego), so elevation of your energetic bodies opens the doors to spiritual growth and unconditional love.

The perception (Divine Knowledge) is the fruit labelled as the spirit of life, Divine Wisdom or Higher Intelligence.  Shekinah Academy is founded on respect and integrity. This approach works the energy trinity: father (universe), mother (earth), holy spirit (soul / incarnation).

​Shekinah endorses accredited mentors, offering a body of work that is respectful to all and praticing the philosophy of integrity as its' foundation.  The Light symbolizes the Higher Intelligence, the understanding, the wisdom and the knowledge.  Self acceptance, manifests itself through a personal path and time frame, with respect of free will and enlightenment.

​This is the core of the soul, of the wheel of reincarnation, of perpetual time all which in turn is governed by metaphysical law.  The Divine Inner Light has accuracy of meaning, it is the presence of Divine Intelligence; an intelligence born of great wisdom and not intellect.A lack of spiritual intelligence causes a denser human experience by the soul as, in foggy situations resulting in wandering in darkness and silence.  

All data shared and taught at the Academy Shekinah supports the divine feminin aspect, which recognizes the sacred under the name of  feminin wisdom. Wisdom is the consolidator that teaches all matter. The lessons and acquired consciousness are the ultimate goals in the recognition of mystical fusion of the human spirit with the Divine Inner Light, the union between the superior and the inferior Self, the All in the One .

The vision / The knowledge

Shekinah Academy is a house to come home to, built on mother earth's parameters and the cosmic laws in which the elements of respect and compassion are the carriers that insure integrity.  The Shekinah teachings are engaged to be attentive to the needs of the students and to observe the assimilation of the respective curriculum, and MOST importantly, the respect of free will and the freedom of speech for each and everyone in a secure environment. 

The Mission / The Know How

The Shekinah Academy is built on a mission of sharing spiritual teachings and experiences of a therapeutic and energetic nature, with a vision of unconditional love and joined by people of principal, respect and integrity. The knowledge indicates experience, understanding and practice of the these lessons with a goal of service, both, collectively and personally.The Shekinah Academy offers the required support to each participant, with no discrimination  to the trainee and his personal and professional ventures. We support holistic medecine in all its forms, through the basis of the Divine Healing Light.

The energy / To Be

The Shekinah Academy is a reflection of peace and enlightenment. A simple decor, enriched by the essence of serenity and confidence embrace all whom enter. The holistic approaches are a tool for the fusion of your own inner power of healing, guided and supported by therapists and mentors. This inner power is propelled, therefore your power of healing resonates harmony and balance, rendering an overall state of well-being of the Self.  

To Be is a state of integration and transformation, the participants commit themselves, in respect of the limits of integration of the data and of the physical practice in accordance with the related professional code of ethics. The participants are encouraged to be aware of their attitude and manners towards others. Humility is the key : If one pretends to Be, he is in the insecurity of who he is and if one simply is, he is the echo of the silence in truth. 

Possibility of rental space for conference, inquiry contact:

Linda Delorme or Kimberley Lavoie. Greeting you is always a blessing!