92 rue St-Laurent,

Saint-Eustache, Qc. J7P 1W8

T.: 450-413-2422

​F.: 450-413-2485

Heures d'ouverture (boutique):

Opening hours for the boutique:

Lundi/Monday: Fermer/Closed

Mardi/Tuesday: 10h30-18h

Mercredi/Wednesday: 10h30-18h

Jeudi/Thursday: 10h30-18h

Vendredi/Friday: 10h30-18h

Samedi/Saturday: 10h30-16h

Dimanche/Sunday: Fermer/Closed

*Pour tous autres services, les horaires varient selon le formateur et/ou le thérapeute.

92, rue St-Laurent, Saint-Eustache, J7P 1W8    450.413.2422

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​​Pilier Holistique des Basses-Laurentides


Sharmakaya is a sparkle, a leading star of the Divine Light, supporting enlightenment in this earthly dimension through the essence of Linda Delorme. A place to come home to, resting on the foundations of Mother Earth where the elements of respect and compassion provide support and integrity, where angels and spirit guides open the doors to the universal energy.  Personal growth, awareness and healing is crowned by the energetic fluidity each of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.   This balance and harmony within our inner and outer energy fields creates global health in harmony and extends in one's environment like ripples in a body of water.


A visionary holistic pillar with the sole intention of healing all lifeforms.  The practice of unconditional love, within the fundamental principles of respect and integrity is the path of fusion with your inner divinity and the universal Divine.

Each member practices the " Four Toltec Agreements"
Be impeccable with your words;
Do the best that you can;
Do not take things personally;
Never assume.

Welcome, for together our paths will be enlightened by the ultimate Divine Light.


Reflection of peace, love and universal Divine Light.

Ambiance of serenity, confidence, trust and joy welcomes you. Our simple decor takes you back to a time of ancestral healing techniques.

Each discomfort is the result of a disharmony in your life and in your relationships. Holistic approaches merges the self with its inner healing powers.

Personal energy is empowered by your inner divinity, your essence.  This empowerment resonates  a global healthy body, mind and spirit of balance and harmony. This power comes in waves through your life, your family, your environment, and travels to and from the universal divine energy.